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Programmatic Certification by EFMD - EOCCS

European Foundation for Management Development EFMD - EOCCS Online Course Certification System

After careful consideration and review, we have decided to conclude our collaboration with EFMD. While we value the partnership we've had thus far, it has become apparent that their certification process doesn't align with the specific requirements outlined for our scope. EFMD lacks the national or international authority to approve diplomas or degrees, as indicated in the certificate they awarded us following the inspection. We appreciate the efforts and insights shared during our time working together and remain open to future opportunities for collaboration that better suit our needs and objectives. We consistently publish our certificates on our website as evidence of our ability to successfully navigate the rigorous EFMD certification process, one of Europe's most esteemed accreditation bodies. Notably, these certifications bear no expiration date, clearly indicated on the certificate itself. 


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