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Social Media Management Course

100% Online Flexible Learning for International Students

since 2013 we are offering online education to international students from over 130 countries, each year we welcome more than 1800 new students

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Get the Social media management certificate easily, this certificate is ideal if you are interested to find a job in online sales and marketing or any other e-business fields.

Many people are communicating online and this is the best way that you can use in order to connect with the clients. With the handy connection gadgets like phones and tables, many people are now easily available online. According to research, there are millions of new users on social media daily all over the world. This means that the word is going digital and it is now a global village. This is the reason why, you will find most of the companies will win loads of pages through different social media sites. This means they have had the chance of connecting with the clients directly. This is a very delicate channel. You have the chance to get loads of clients and at the same time, you have the chance to loose clients since you do not have the chance to connect with them in this process. This is also very delicate since many negative utterance will leave the company with loads of negative comments and attacked online. This is why you need to take the Social media management certificate and you shall have all the skills necessary to come up with the right solutions.

The Social media management certificate will start by teaching you some of the important aspects that you need to know in order to connect with the clients well. It all starts by understanding the connection with the clients. Some of the channels will review you post videos, messages, and some will only need you to get straight to the point in selling your idea. The way that you present it is the only way that will separate you with the rest of the competitors. If you are dealing with baby clothes for example, you need to have pots and images of the goods you are selling. This will easily attract your target market and they shall start to follow your pages. Some people do not want to read more details and they want to see the collection. You need to find the right way to balance when it comes to posting the images, your site, and other information details.

The Social media management certificate will give you the correct way of handling the matter on a professional level. Some people are carried away and they forget they are dealing with clients. They shall start gossiping and this is on the social media page of the business. This is not the correct way of dealing with the correct way. You need to ensure you keep on with the right communication that shall keep the relationship professional.

You also need to know that some clients will want to make negative comments. Some will state you do not give the right quality, and some will want to be ride. This will need someone who has the qualifications that will give them the chance to handle such matters. With the Social media management certificate, you will have the chance of applying all the skills that you have learnt in the platform. This will increase the views on your social pages.

How to get the Certificate?

This certificate can be done 100% ONLINE and within 7 days. "Equal to 1 ECTS - European Credit Transfer System (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)"

Step 1: APPLY, and start our writing exam (around 40 Multiple Choice Questions MCQ, Each question is accompanied by 4 possible answers, and only 1 answer is correct). Usually takes 40 Min.

Step 2: oral exam, after you pass we will invite you for a quick oral exam (for less than 30 min) and after passing we will issue the certificate to your home.

NOTE: we will send you an online booklet done by one of the Lecturers (around 10.000-15.000 words) to give you a better view of what you can expect during the exams.


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